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Bara Sushi

Bara Sushi & Thai is regarded as one of the premier Sushi and Thai restaurants in Colorado.

Bara Sushi & Thai invites you to experience traditional-style Japanese & Thai cuisine. A warm welcome, fresh fare and world-class service awaits you. Bara Sushi & Thai, located in the Denver Tech Center, has never wavered in its dedication to good food, freshness and fine ingredients. The restaurant has served as an accolade to the preservation of Japanese tradition since its opening.

Sushi chefs are more than just chefs. They're artists! Did you know that a Japanese sushi chef spends up to ten years learning the secrets of the craft? In the first few years, they focus solely on cooking perfect rice. They then learn to select the best fish, combine flavors and create beautiful presentations.



Here at Bara Sushi, we understand the artistic element of sushi. The flavors, colors, and textures of our sushi are created to stimulate the eye and delight the palate. What's more, we bring this aesthetic to all of our dishes, both Japanese and Thai. When your starter arrives, whether it's a roll, tempura, short ribs or something else, you might feel a momentary flash of guilt at the thought of eating something so beautiful. Ignore this feeling, however, because it will taste even more spectacular than it looks! Even our humble dumplings are not so humble: After you crunch through the chewy outside, the savory filling will explode with umami flavors throughout your mouth. They're the perfect introduction to your meal.